Skankin’ Joe – All Black Joe

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Skankin’ Joe is a character or figure by Ken Terror that was made around 2010, the illustration is dedicated to Metalheads, Hardcore Kids, or Punk Rockers who are always present in gigs around the world, they are the ones who always tone up and appreciate the works of musicians by coming to the gigs and riots so the gigs become sharp and memorable.

The favorite band t-shirt, folded up trucker cap, black red plaid flannel shirt, bandana, worn-out jeans and of course a pair of sneakers are an identical fashion statement that can be found when in a Metal gigs, Punk, or Hardcore of its time. And mostly in some Hardcore Punk gigs, those who dance are also musicians that play in the gig or those who don’t but come anyway to dance and singalong and hangout.

This figure project is one of a series of the Ken Terror’s book called “KEN”, published by Consumed Magazine at the end of 2019.

Height:16cm, Width:9cm, Depth:11cm

Original figure by Ken Terror
3D design by Yanuar Rustnady

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